Who Are We ?

Boğaziçi Pipe Profile Shipping Construction Automotive Industry. And Foreign Trade. Inc.
Our company’s activities, 2000 years in the industrial site of İkitelli Industrial Zone Dolapdere 400 m2 area Bosphorus Pipe Profile industry Limited Company started to operate. In order to increase the service quality, the company currently serves as a joint-stock company with a closed area of ​​7000 m2 and an open area of ​​3000 m2.
Our company has wide product range in pipe profile sector. With our experienced sales team, reasonable prices, fast and reliable delivery, we are proud of providing better service to you by doing domestic and foreign trade with our understanding of quality products.
The pipe can also be supplied in thicknesses of Ø6 mm – Ø323 mm and in thicknesses of 0.50 mm – 12 mm, 10 × 10 (10 × 20) – 300 × 300 (200 × 400). Metal (Black – DKP – Galvanized – HRP – Diamond – Trapeze – Printed Sheet), Rolled products (Cold – Hot drawing), Wire mesh types, welding consumables (electrode, welding wire, cutting stone, etc.) as a metal market serve we provide.
In the activity of our company we have sheet metal processing, pipe profile cutting, cutting and cutting products and accessories. Our company’s support will continue to grow with the beautiful services that we will offer.

Mission & Vision

High Quality

We are at your service with the product and service understanding that raises the quality.

High Security

We are aware of our responsibility and guarantee the safety with our high quality products.

Eco - Friendly

Our products are based on nature conservation in the production.

Fast Service

We deliver high quality and safe products with the fastest possible service facilities.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen to your needs and understand you and we will bring you success with our quality products and services.